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Best Places to Buy Indoor Plants Online for All Occasions

It’s a no brainer that plants lighten the mood in your home! But do you know, studies have shown that is also boost productivity (by up to 15%), concentration and creativity. Not to state the obvious, but plants also release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide.

Some of the scientific benefits are:

  1. Plants improve your Mental Health

  2. Plants Can Boost Your Immune System

  3. Sharpens Your Focus while at Home

  4. Helps Purify the Air in Your Home

  5. Can Give Additional Privacy

Without further-ado, we put together a list of some of the Best places to buy plants online for all occasions! Check them out!

Whether you’re a vet wanting to expand your Indoor plant garden or newbie who wants to start their indoor plant collection, TheSill has a variety of house plants that will make your search very easy! They also have a gift guide if you want to buy a plant for someone special. And you can also get paid to refer friends to their site.

This is a cool place to buy indoor plants and also flowers. UrbanStems florist uniquely packages their plants and flowers for every individual. They have a subscription model too if you are an avid plant buyer!

Bloomscape offers plants for indoors, patio and outdoors. They provide cool tips for new plant owners, called “plant-parenting”. Bloomscape gives you plenty of guidance on how to feed, water and take care of your plants.

If you’re looking for a great place to find and shop flower bouqets, plants and more-this is the perfect place. The Bouqs Company offers expedited delivery services, best seller ideas, plants ideas for birthdays and more!

Terrain offers a variety of beautiful pieces for your home including plants, furniture, home decor and more. Most, if not all of their plants come with planters that add a cool accent to your plant collection.

Don’t knock Home Depot’s plant and garden selection until you try them. They have always had a good selection of plants on their website. Definitely check them out!

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