Samuel Ross Gifted Spotlight

Samuel Ross: Transforming Urban Landscapes Through A-COLD-WALL

Samuel Ross, the innovative mind behind A-COLD-WALL, is redefining fashion with his utilitarian and avant-garde designs. Growing up in South London, Ross’s diverse cultural influences and graphic design background have shaped his unique aesthetic. From his early work with Virgil Abloh at Off-White to founding A-COLD-WALL in 2015, discover how Ross blends high fashion with streetwear to reflect modern urban complexities, his future aspirations, and the inspirations that drive his creativity.

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Yoon Ahn: Redefining Fashion with Ambush’s Avant-Garde Vision”

Yoon Ahn, the creative mastermind behind Ambush, is revolutionizing the fashion world with her bold, avant-garde designs. From her multicultural upbringing to her unplanned entry into fashion, discover how Yoon blends high fashion with streetwear, her vision for the future, and the inspirations that fuel her innovative creations.

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