CEO & Founder of GreatGiftsClub Cornell Killebrew

As the founder & CEO of Greatgiftsclub Cornell has a passion for small business and allowing small business owners the opportunity to expand their products/services to a bigger market. GreatGiftsClub is a gifts shopping platform which creates a customized and convenient shopping experience for those looking to find new and meaningful gifts. Cornell Killebrew curates the best gifts across various retailers/brands across the internet so you don’t have to surf countless websites. Thus you save time and find things that you love and you can save them to your wishlist by creating an account. We plan to be the #1 gifts shopping destination.

The Problem GreatGiftsclub is solving

The problem: Cornell Killebrew believes that black & brown business do not have the proper resources and opportunity as other business owners do. So he is trying to change that. GreatGiftsclub aims to promote underrepresented brands/merchants who are overlooked because they don’t have the brand awareness. We also aim to have gift drive events to help raise money and give to kids/families in underrepresented communities. Also promote sustainable shopping which will help our environment.

The solution: Greatgiftsclub aims to be the #1 gifts shopping experience for merchants and shoppers looking for unique gifts for him & her by helping bridge the gap between emerging black owned brands with customers looking to find new and meaningful gifts that are also eco-conscious. We are helping to democratize the shopping & retail consumption which will help create wealth diversity.

Cornell Killebrew started GreatGiftsClub initially launched the platform in 2020, during the pandemic. He initially created the platform as an affiliate website, but later saw how many brands were interested in advertising/becoming a merchant on the platform. So Cornell has been working to streamline the process for new and emerging brands to sign up as a vendor on the platform


Cornell is working to create a social channel that highlights and expands the reach of black owned business and designers through his Youtube channel. This show will feature and promote hot products, services and topics in the black & brown community. This will come later in 2022.

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